If you've found yourself reading this.. 

You've officially fallen into the DIY trap. Please don't run off, you might want to soak this all in.

We promise it is worth the read. This is here for your benefit, (& because we've seen some scary and disastrous DIY weddings).

DIY projects are great for a girl's night, garden redo, or the occasional "I'm broke, so I'll give this a shot" moments. However, we urge you to consider that there are some serious reasons why you may want to steer clear of combining DIY with your wedding day.

I ask all my couples, "So, is this the one? Is this the only time you want to get married?" Most of them answer "Yes!" and I reply, "Then this is your one day, your one chance, your one shot to do it right, to make it wonderful, stress free, and beautiful. You will only achieve this will professional assistance." -Chloe Winchester

Spend your day enjoying really happy moments! Let a professional do the hard stuff. This is your day to celebrate your togetherness.    Image by Jessi Field Photography 

Spend your day enjoying really happy moments! Let a professional do the hard stuff. This is your day to celebrate your togetherness. 

Image by Jessi Field Photography 

5 reasons to say "No" to DIY Weddings:

1. The DIY disguise: If you have seen a super fun and cute DIY wedding, you should probably do a little more research and find out the details on how exactly they pulled it off. Many times a DIY labeled wedding actually only incorporates a portion of small handmade items, discussing professional wedding vendors work as a self-created success. DIY can actually have the reverse effect on your pocketbook, by the time you buy all the supplies needed for your project, your most likely at the retail value cost anyhow. Get your money's worth and hire a professional that your admire and let them blow you away!

2. Double the project time: DIY'ing something you have never done before can be a big task, so prepare for at least double the expected production time for errors. If you decide to DIY anything for your wedding, you need to complete this a month prior to the wedding. Make sure you are prepared to take a loss if things do not turn out. No one wants to be finishing favors, or putting together 200 programs in the middle of the night before the most important day of your life! Have you seen those Pinterest fail photos? The ones where they show the side-by-side of the instructions versus your achievement. More often then not, it isn't going to be pretty.. Let the professionals handle the big ticket items like Food, Flowers, Coordination, Music, and Photography. If you have over 50 guests, DIY is pretty much out of the question. You are talking more hours, more preparation, more setup and cleanup time.. On top of your job, or school..Whew! I'm tired just thinking about it.

3. It's your WEDDING day: Seriously though, do you want your family or friends running around trying to accomplish what a professional would be doing twice as well and more efficiently? Go ahead and decide to save yourself and loved ones from undue stress associated with a DIY wedding. This is just one day, you want to soak it in with the people you love. Do not assign a family member or friend to be the "coordinator". They most likely have never done this (no matter if they insist on helping), they are not a professional. A professional coordinator will be WORKING the wedding, whereas an assigned individual may not be able to stay away from the party aspects of the night, which can cause errors in the timeline for the night, and potentially cause you to miss something important.

4. RENT it: Put down that lantern girl, stay off those cheap wedding decor sites.. If you are looking at purchasing something decor related, then we have good news! You can rent almost anything these days! Buying it might seem appealing but what about after the wedding: cleanup at the event, storage, use? There are tons of companies that rent items just for this reason! 

5. Creative & Authentic Design: If your searching Pinterest, wedding blogs, and more, for inspiration and the best easy DIY projects, you aren't giving yourself space to create, or breath life into a original thought or design. So many of our brides come to us with what they "like." The wedding world is so saturated with the perfect cookie-cutter designs, and brides are becoming de-sentistized to what they connect with and why. We promote a design system that stems from a detail about a couple and their personalities and it builds the design and theme for the whole wedding from there. If you DIY anything for your wedding do this. Pick one item, or one place, or one detail about your love and share that with your guests through your decor/art/flower/paper. If you connect with a professional, then trust them to create authentic and creative elements that are a true representation of you, and not a replica of someone else's design.