Ya' heard right, we offer cakes in-house through our sister company, Fres


Fres is an artisanal bakery, based in Pensacola, servicing the entire Gulf Coast. Fres wedding cakes are the perfect blend of wholesome ingredients. Their rooted love for quality foods, and flavors, combined with generations of baking experience and heirloom recipes, deliver cakes and custom desserts that bring immediate joy to any event, making it memorable and tailored to your esthetic.

Like Supposey, Fres shares in the passion for the celebration of marriage, thus specializing in wedding cakes. 

In addition to providing stunning and flavorful confections, Fres excels in the creation of dietary conscious cakes including; Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, and Vegan.

In-house Supposey Perk: A complimentary touch of fresh flowers to garnish is always included. Sweet deal, right?


Fres is operated by baking team Sandie and Claire Lawry, a talented mother/daughter duo.

Sandie Lawry | Master Baker 

Sandie Lawry | Master Baker 


"My journey from homemaker to passionate cake baker was inspired from my grandfather Boss, and his delectable homemade biscuits. He and my dear ladylove of a mom "the matriarch cake baker" have enjoyed baking their whole lives, sharing their oven love with my large southern family. Heck, my mom who is 84 is still baking sweet breads and delivering them to friends weekly.

The generational baking bug got me at an early age and my daughter Claire as well. We were completely focused on pies for years but quickly fell in love with weddings when my oldest daughter Chloe started Supposey. Wedding cake requests from friends of the family, turned into a few Supposey bride's here and there.

The demand for wedding cakes that encompassed beauty, quality ingredients, and fresh flavor was knocking at the door, and Fres is now our answer."

Sandie loves spending time with Dad, creating new recipes, wrangling our 3 cats, and paddle boarding.




Claire Lawry | Master Baker 

Claire Lawry | Master Baker 




"Carpe Ruminant Degluttiat," Latin for "Shovel Chew Swallow." My father said this religiously when I was young to get us to finish our plate, or just to get a giggle if we were in a bad mood. My inspiration for cake baking also comes with a generational style homage. Our family is just really into family, and baking has always been a big part of it. After years of assisting Chloe with weddings, Mom and I began to think "Why not do wedding cakes?" Chloe always is saying "If you feel a tug at your heart to do your own business, do it!" So we listened. We have labeled our wedding cakes "Fres" because we want to make people happy. Our goal is make people smile, preferably with a mouth full of cake."

Claire loves yoga, her cat Yoda, a good Gluten-Free taco, and baking.






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Request a cake tasting to sample from a selection of heirloom recipes.

Request a cake tasting to sample from a selection of heirloom recipes.

Fres got its name: Fres was inspired from the word, "Fress," a German word meaning: To eat or snack in large quantities, or to eat ravenously. 

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