Blake + Amanda

When I first I met Chloe and started helping her with weddings, I fell in love with her and her passion. Now we share this dream together. A dream to help couples celebrate love together with their families and friends, while we handle the hard stuff. 

Blake and Amanda were one of my favorite couples to work with so far. They are naturally fun and real people. They love each other like crazy and it was an honor to work with the amazing team of vendors they chose. Blake is a photographer, so he took some photos after the wedding, but during the day, ceremony, and reception they trusted Caleb, their videographer, to capture their moments in motion. This was a unique approach to documentation and I have to say, having just only a videographer couldn't have been a more perfect and fitting choice for them. They also had disposable cameras that they asked their guests to use during the reception, which was a more personal way to create memories.  

Chloe and I designed Amanda's bouquets together, and we had a little time that morning to go foraging, and we found a pear tree fruiting (major score!). We love to incorporate unique and locally foraged greenery, blooms, and in this case fruit! They were the perfect golden brown hue we were looking for to complete the bouquet's color palette, and we even used them in Blake's boutonniere. Any diverse textures are a dream to work with when you have the trust of the client. 

Here is the incredibly good video that Caleb created for them. Prepare to be wowed.


& a few photos from Instagram

-Nick Sexton | Coordinator


Videography: Caleb Pierce Visuals
Hair: Maxine Lyvers of Arrow Salon & Spa                                                                 
Venue: The Palafox Wharf
Make Up: Sarah Peake of Self Salon

Coordination + Flowers + Rentals: Nick Sexton of Supposey