Contessa + Jared

Every wedding, and every bride brings a unique vision, which makes my job as an artist pretty darn fun! I always ask.. "What is the most important part of your wedding day?" This gives me a chance to see what really is important to them, and gives me a glimpse at a more authentic view of what makes them who they are. This couple was different though..

Contessa, out of all the brides I have ever worked with, displayed this overwhelming excitement for her wedding. Not because she had the best venue, or was obsessed with having a gorgeous bouquet, or set on the perfect menu for her guests. It was because she was going to get marry Jared. It was obvious from the first time I met her, just how much she adored her fiance'. Jared, in the same way, had the "butterflies in your stomach" look for Contessa that showed every time he smiled, which was pretty much non-stop if she was in the room. The only thing these two cared about on their wedding day was preparing themselves for the other.. which is quite refreshing in a world filled with an obsessive amount of energy spent on the decorations of a wedding.. These two were incredibly and authentically just plain happy to be getting married.

Contessa gave me vision and 100% creative freedom, and trusted her professionals the entire day. You know what? She was one of the happiest and most relaxed brides I've ever worked with. Why? It was becuase all she was concentrated on was her man and the union they had entered into. She was simply joyous, as all brides should be.

On a sidenote, her family is from Las Vegas so the reception was one of the funnest parties I've ever attended! It was filled with laughter, love, family, it was a real honest celebration of the joining of two people. 

This is the best kind of wedding.

Brides, remember to focus on the now, the marriage you are creating, and the person you have chosen to be your one and only.

xo- Chloe 

^ ^ ^ A few snaps from the #vivalassmiths on Instagram! ^ ^ ^ 


Photography: Jessi Field Photography (non iPhone images)
Coordination + Flowers + Rentals: Chloe Winchester of Supposey
Catering: Paul with Nancy's Haute Affairs
Dj: DJ Patchi & Co.
Venue: 5 Eleven
Hair: Arrow Salon
Makeup: Sarah Peake Makeup Artistry