Hillary + Stuart

Nick Sexton - Coordinator

Nick Sexton - Coordinator

From day one, working with Hillary and Stuart was easy. There are couples that become so stressed out about the tiny things that they lose sight of the big picture. This was not the case here. Hillary was the epitome of the perfect bride. She was relaxed, calm, and unwavering in her excitement to marry Stuart. The same can be said about the Groom. He was always involved, which can be a rare thing these days. He was there at every meeting, walk through, and expressed nothing but a willing attitude to accommodate Hillary's vision in every way. The venue they chose was a Condo, where they had met, so there was an incredible amount of sentimental value involved in their planning. We conquered some hurtles including even rain on the big day, but it didn't even matter one bit to them because they were consumed with celebrating their love. They embraced every moment. Jessi, their photographer and a close friend of ours always says, "It's the stormy or overcast days make for the best photos," and we can't agree more.



PHOTOGRAPHY|  Jessi Field Photography 

PLANNING & COORDINATION| Nick Sexton of Supposey

FLORALS & DECOR|  Supposey

MUSIC| Symphony a la Carte

CATERING|  Nancy’s Catering and Events


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Becky + Matt

Every time I post on the blog, I struggle to find the words to accurately describe the couple that I worked with..  Really because every couple is SO unique, and because I typically become friends with them through the planning process.. Becky and Matt's wedding was one that we had been looking forward to for a long time, and now that it is over, it seems like a dream! Becky is one of the girls, that is constantly smiling. She just radiates happiness, and you can't be upset about anything around her, she is just the BEST. 

I first met Becky a few years ago, at a wedding.. She is a second shooter for Aislinn Kate.. (AMAZING local photographer whom I have also become close with.) I remember the day vividly because Becky made a point to tell me just how much she LOVED the flowers we create.. I could tell she really meant what she said, and it was such an encouragement to me.. So, when she got engaged I was crossing my fingers that she would ask me to do her flowers.. Low and behold, she did! Whenever a vendor/friend (freindor if you will) gets engaged it's like Black Friday for the rest of the wedding community to snag the couple! 

From Aislinn: "Becky and Matt’s Lee House wedding was perfect – they said their vows as sunset approached, all the flowers behind them were blooming, and I think everyone’s eyes were wet with tears.  After a classy and casual cocktail house at the Lee House, all of their guests strolled (or trolleyed) over a few blocks to 5eleven Palafox, where they feasted and danced the night away.  This 5eleven wedding was all class and simplicity, luxury and meaningful detail.  Pensacola wedding planner Paul Silivos (with P.S. Weddings) did a beautiful job coordinating all of the different elements, and Chloe Sexton (with Supposey) provided the most stunning florals."

In case you missed it, or can't tell from the photos we post, our bouquets are what we LOVE to make, our passion in what we provide.. I am always hard on myself as a designer because my bouquets are BIG. Well, bigger then the normal size I suppose(y).... But Becky, and many other brides that I have serviced, love that part. They loved how I made it, they loved the flowers, and they loved the size. See, when I create a bouquet, I place each bloom intentionally, I appreciate each flowers, and incorporate the couple's personality into the arrangement. Usually, it is hard to stop working on the bouquets because of how much I love creating, and thus they end up big, (a solid handful for me, and I'm small!) Finally, I have realized that BIG is my style, it's the Supposey style, and we own it proudly. You won't be getting your mama's average bouquet here.. Plus, your arms will look just as toned as Becky's!

Becky and Matt, Thank you for choosing Supposey. We are SO insanely happy to have been involved, and been able to work with you, you are both simply the sweetest.


PHOTOGRAPHY  |  Aislinn Kate Photography

PLANNING & COORDINATION|  Paul Silivos with PS Weddings

HAIR|  Brooke Miller

MAKEUP|  Melody Weber

FLORALS & DECOR|  Supposey


CATERING|  Nancy’s Catering and Events

CAKE|  Betty Weber

ALTERATIONS|  Ruthy’s Creations

Kat + Joshua

Kat and Joshua's wedding day was like a movie. They share a kind of story book love. 

Kat and I became friends throughout the flowers planning process and when she hired me on as her Coordinator, we became even closer. I always feel a sense of higher responsibility to clients that go above and beyond. Kat gave "Thank You" presents to vendors BEFORE her wedding. This girl was a rare breed. I mean really?! In today's day and age it's pretty exciting to get a hand written note much less a present from a client. Kat made it a point to show her vendors how much she valued them. This is a great way to ensure you are getting the most from the professionals you hire. We are all human, and a little understanding and appreciation goes a long way. I am beyond blessed with amazing clients like Kat and Joshua, who are gracious, excited, and trusting of their wedding day. 

xo- Chloe

^ ^ ^ A few snaps from Instagram! ^ ^ ^ 


Videography: Caleb Pierce Visuals 
Photography: Jessi Field Photography                                                                                Hair: Volume One Salon                                                                 
Venue: Barkley House Pensacola
Make Up: Sarah Peake of Self Salon

Getaway: Gulf Coast Pedicab Service

Coordination + Flowers + Rentals: Chloe Winchester Sexton of Supposey

Blake + Amanda

When I first I met Chloe and started helping her with weddings, I fell in love with her and her passion. Now we share this dream together. A dream to help couples celebrate love together with their families and friends, while we handle the hard stuff. 

Blake and Amanda were one of my favorite couples to work with so far. They are naturally fun and real people. They love each other like crazy and it was an honor to work with the amazing team of vendors they chose. Blake is a photographer, so he took some photos after the wedding, but during the day, ceremony, and reception they trusted Caleb, their videographer, to capture their moments in motion. This was a unique approach to documentation and I have to say, having just only a videographer couldn't have been a more perfect and fitting choice for them. They also had disposable cameras that they asked their guests to use during the reception, which was a more personal way to create memories.  

Chloe and I designed Amanda's bouquets together, and we had a little time that morning to go foraging, and we found a pear tree fruiting (major score!). We love to incorporate unique and locally foraged greenery, blooms, and in this case fruit! They were the perfect golden brown hue we were looking for to complete the bouquet's color palette, and we even used them in Blake's boutonniere. Any diverse textures are a dream to work with when you have the trust of the client. 

Here is the incredibly good video that Caleb created for them. Prepare to be wowed.


& a few photos from Instagram

-Nick Sexton | Coordinator


Videography: Caleb Pierce Visuals
Hair: Maxine Lyvers of Arrow Salon & Spa                                                                 
Venue: The Palafox Wharf
Make Up: Sarah Peake of Self Salon

Coordination + Flowers + Rentals: Nick Sexton of Supposey


Britni + Ben

Britni and Ben's wedding day was a total blast and will be one close to my heart forever.

From the first time I met them, we connected, and they gave me such trust the whole process. Score! That makes my job so worth it, and incredible! This was a rare opportunity to display a couples love, style, and personality the way I sensed them as an artist.

It was a beautiful day on the country side, horses grazed, and my assistant Miranda and I prepared for the day to begin. After placing all the flowers, and finishing last minute setup pieces, we got to sit and rest for a few moments. This is rare in the wedding world, I usually do not stop moving for 12-14 hours during an event, but that day was unique.

Miranda and I sat on the grass, admiring the day, and beauty of the field and setup. It was a quiet time to prepare for the chaos that any wedding is. Miranda started talking about The Lord, like she does, and how big of a heart she has for weddings. "It is just so much work, but so much fun! I don't know how you guys do this all the time..." She said, and she says this all the time. I could see her warmth, and hear the happiness in her voice as she spoke about Britni and Ben and how perfect they are for each other. Miranda is the kind of girl that everyone loves, everyone wants to be around, and be friends with. She is truly a daughter of the King, and she is always filled with The Spirit and brings a constant feeling of ease, and peace to our work day. (Which is incredibly necessary to me, I am usually jogging in place during events) It isn't often that I get to reflect on a couple while I am working, but after our break, I felt rejuvenated and ready to go! Taking even a few moments each day to praise, can be such a wonderful thing. So, I am now scheduling into my timelines for future events, a quiet time, a time to rest, to think about what we are celebrating, and who we need to thank for it! 

Anxiety can be a burden, to a bride, and to any event professional seeking perfection. Britni and Ben were "anxious" for each other, to see each other, and to be united as one! What a wonderful thing to experience. This couple was nothing short of easy, they were fun and relaxed and simply in love and excited to be together. This is the kind of couple that I seek.

I struggled, and still do with anxiety my entire life, always aiming for perfection, but usually stressing far to much over small things that no one besides me would notice. I think it is what makes me good at my job in the end. My dad is always reminding me to "Be anxious for nothing." This verse, my dad's constant affirmation, and Miranda's calm spirit is such an inspiring and graceful reminder to give all anxiety to God, and trust in His plan.

So all my sweet brides, please remember this verse on your wedding day.

xo- Chloe

Philippians 4:6-7

6 "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

^ ^ ^ A few snaps from Instagram! ^ ^ ^ 


Photography: Jacob Bennett Photography (non iPhone images)
Coordination + Flowers + Rentals: Chloe Winchester of Supposey
Dj: Any Day DJ
Venue: Private
Hair: Arrow Salon- Chelsey Domschke

See More Here: http://jacobbennettphotography.com/ben-britni

Contessa + Jared

Every wedding, and every bride brings a unique vision, which makes my job as an artist pretty darn fun! I always ask.. "What is the most important part of your wedding day?" This gives me a chance to see what really is important to them, and gives me a glimpse at a more authentic view of what makes them who they are. This couple was different though..

Contessa, out of all the brides I have ever worked with, displayed this overwhelming excitement for her wedding. Not because she had the best venue, or was obsessed with having a gorgeous bouquet, or set on the perfect menu for her guests. It was because she was going to get marry Jared. It was obvious from the first time I met her, just how much she adored her fiance'. Jared, in the same way, had the "butterflies in your stomach" look for Contessa that showed every time he smiled, which was pretty much non-stop if she was in the room. The only thing these two cared about on their wedding day was preparing themselves for the other.. which is quite refreshing in a world filled with an obsessive amount of energy spent on the decorations of a wedding.. These two were incredibly and authentically just plain happy to be getting married.

Contessa gave me vision and 100% creative freedom, and trusted her professionals the entire day. You know what? She was one of the happiest and most relaxed brides I've ever worked with. Why? It was becuase all she was concentrated on was her man and the union they had entered into. She was simply joyous, as all brides should be.

On a sidenote, her family is from Las Vegas so the reception was one of the funnest parties I've ever attended! It was filled with laughter, love, family, it was a real honest celebration of the joining of two people. 

This is the best kind of wedding.

Brides, remember to focus on the now, the marriage you are creating, and the person you have chosen to be your one and only.

xo- Chloe 

^ ^ ^ A few snaps from the #vivalassmiths on Instagram! ^ ^ ^ 


Photography: Jessi Field Photography (non iPhone images)
Coordination + Flowers + Rentals: Chloe Winchester of Supposey
Catering: Paul with Nancy's Haute Affairs
Dj: DJ Patchi & Co.
Venue: 5 Eleven
Hair: Arrow Salon
Makeup: Sarah Peake Makeup Artistry

Kali + David

Here in the Florida Panhandle, beach weddings, are a BIG deal. People travel from all over the country and sometimes from the ends of the world to get married on the white sandy beaches that we call home. Margaritaville is one of the beach hotels that we have become regulars at for weddings, and we LOVE it. 

The thing about any outside wedding is the possibility of rain, and here in Florida, that's another BIG thing. Kali was determined to have her wedding outside, and thankfully the afternoon showers ended just in time for us to setup and create her beautiful floral arch. She completed her design with our dual-tone antique church pews (pews on the beach, you heard right!) and our matching sonoma cross back chairs. 

Melissa Wilson captured these stunning images just a few moments after we finished the installation and guests arrived..

xo- Chloe 


Photography: Melissa Wilson Photography  

Styling, Concept, Flowers, Rentals + Design: Nick + Chloe at  Supposey Co.  

Hair: Cathy Sheldon at Arrow Salon

Makeup: Jacey with SKIN beauty

A Field Of Love

A few years back, when Supposey was just starting up.. I got an email from Jessi. THE Jessi of Jessi Field Photography. She is one of the greats around here, and I was totally stunned that she had contacted me about flowers. Supposey was new to the wedding world, and Jessi was one of the first vendors to support and believe in me. Jessi is the type of person that believes in everyone, loves hard, and has this overwhelming sense of joy and creativity in everything she does. She quite seriously has sun beams shining out of her face every time I see her! 

We quickly became friends over a shared love of pizza, creative out of the norm weddings, and a mutual regret for late night online shopping...

Did I say how amazing and emotion filled her images are? Take a look below.. This is who Jessi is, and if you want to have your love, (like smiley sappy butterflies in your stomach love) really captured to have forever, then you should call Jessi. 

xo- Chloe 



Photography + Concept- Jessi Field Photography  

See more here:http://afieldoflove.com/2015/07/ashley-carl-runaway-wed-inspiration-pensacola/

Styling, Concept, Flowers, Rentals + Design: Nick + Chloe at Supposey 

Videography:  Caleb Pierce Visuals

Dress: Free People 

Hair: Cathy Sheldon at Arrow Salon

Makeup: Kat O Cosmetic Artistry

Ring box:  The Mrs. Box

Beth + Jared

Beth and Jared were wed and Melissa Wilson Photography was there to capture the day in all of it's amazing beauty. 

Melissa, is a doll. No seriously, she is a blonde bombshell, that wields a camera and does about anything to get the shot, all while keep her clients giggling and smiling with her pure wit and southern charm. She is really fun to be around and people know her name goes hand in hand with flawless photography. Okay okay, so enough about our girl Mel.. check out these images she has shared with us. We know you will love Beth and Jared and their sweet vibe. 

xo- Chloe


Photography- Melissa Wilson Photography 

DJ- Any Day DJ

Flowers & Rentals- Supposey Co.

Make Up- Kat O'Connor

Here we grow again..

Hey guys! Thanks so much for stopping by our new site! 

So, this makes the third time that we have grown our name and made changes in our brand. Why? Because we have some seriously amazing people that have asked us to just do it all!

But really, so many clients have requested we offer more rentals, more execution, and more options. It was obvious we needed to nurture this need, and present a new approach to Supposey.

When I approached Emily Dorman of Alp & Isle, (my ultra talented photographer friend), with the idea of a shoot based totally around creative playtime, and just a reason to floralize things I love, pretty details, and a totally smokin' couple, she was ALL about it. Emily is one of those people that you don't come across often. She is a truly humble individual with a really strong gift of encouragement. Plus, she just so happens to shoot some of the most dreamy images I have ever seen, and in film, swoon..... Check her out at HERE.

Well, we won't hold out any longer, here is the shoot we have been waiting to release:

xo- Chloe and Team


It is all because of our wonderful clients, vendor family, and Supposey babes that we are able to grow again. We THANK YOU! 

Please look around and tell us what you think, (we would love to hear from you).


Chloe (Head Posey)




Photography- Emily Dorman of Alp & Isle

Make-up- Sarah Peake Makeup Artistry 

Video- Caleb Pierce Visuals

Concept- Emily Dorman with Chloe Winchester & Nick Sexton 

Flowers & Rentals- Supposey Co.

Dress- Vera Wang of Shop Gossamer