Chloe Winchester- Founder, CEO, Master Florist, Lead Planner

Chloe Winchester- Founder, CEO, Master Florist, Lead Planner


Chloe Winchester 

Hi! I'm Chloe, I'm the boss lady around these parts, the head designer, master floral artist and lead planner. I manage the floral side of the business, and after 10 years in the industry am proud to be in the company of the area’s best event florists. After meeting Nick, it was clear that offering rentals, and now planning the whole shebang was our dream. (Along with owning Gulf Coast Pedicab Service, Verdure, and co-owning The WES.) 

I live in Gulf Breeze Florida with my dog Penelope, three cats; Toulouse, Cosmos, and Flopsey, and Nick (or Nicko, as I call him) my "do it all" dude. I love the beach, good thai food, margaritas, and just about anything wedding related. I started working weddings here in Pensacola, and fell in love with flowers instantly, and haven't put down the design knife since. I have fun with my work, I do what I love, and I am blessed to be able to do so. I really value my couples and often build lasting relationships with them.  I know it seems like we just do all the fun stuff, but I get down to business and bust out ridiculously swoon-worthy shindigs every weekend, with the help of my vendor family and talented partner, Nick. 

“We believe in a smart event. From start to finish we will guide you through the design process, refining your ideas to create an event that reflects who you are, all within your budget.” - Chloe




Nick Sexton

Hey guys-

I'm Nick, and I am the rental director and installation manager here. I also service simple coordination clients with assistance executing their vision on the wedding day. I handle the nitty-gritty projects, lift the heavy stuff, and try to boss Chloe around. Okay, just kidding.. 

I am the "behind the scenes" side of the good blooms that people adore, and I share Chloe's passion for a smart event. I can whip up a hand tied bouquet and crank out centerpieces, but I let Chloe handle the intricate pieces. We recently decided to make the branding switch to Supposey Co. and offer it all; flowers, rentals, and execution. We have been servicing more than flowers for years now, so it was a easy transition. We both spend equal time behind the scenes and upfront and center with clients now. We are a team, and spearhead the process together, from conception to completion. 

I started working events in Miami FL and quickly grew to love parties and everything about the creative process behind celebrations. I also enjoy mountain biking, making Chloe travel, trying new foods, and a good Cabernet. I own Gulf Coast Pedicab Service & Sexton Marketing, and Verdure. Both are the other half of my passion, and Chloe is just as involved with them as I am with Supposey Co. Check them out to see what else we are up to! 

"He is basically the dude that makes our drawing board ideas, happen. Without Nick, Supposey Co. would just be a lone posey with no support. Nick is the backbone here." - Chloe

 Nick Sexton- Co Founder, Rental Manager, and Simple Coordinator 

Nick Sexton- Co Founder, Rental Manager, and Simple Coordinator